A fashion film showcasing Dhenze's latest collection AW21, filmed, directed and edited by Elizabeth Rose Donovan.

Unknown/Untold is inspired by the alternate reality that we have yet to reach. It takes an anarchic blend of references, including Nylon Club-wear and expression of the gestural abstraction. The magic of nightlife and vibrant décor style is what is celebrated in this collection: a world of untold stories, nightlife illusions, and elaborate futurism – where sporty elegance and colour pop liveliness was born out of it. Also, an exploration of the dichotomy between radical culture and radical social change hints throughout the collection with how the electronic music scene played a key foundation in the role of the avant-garde in political movements.

The film reflects the collection's stimulus by taking viewers on a journey that fuses fashion and dance. Contemporary trained dancers move through a dark and mysterious room, expressing their reactions to the clothing and their surroundings, showing not only the universal use of the collection but also the experience of what it feels like to wear Dhenze. A spotlight is used to highlight key areas of the garments, moving across their bodies and through the space which the dancers explore through their movement, often projecting motion towards it. Throughout the edit industrial locations and textures have been imposed over the models/dancers to create a dynamic immersive experience that reflects the inspiration for the collection. A raw industrial sound score was created to reinforce the brand's identity and accentuate the imposed background imagery.


Styling by Martina Gia

Featuring Flora Grant and Lee Jay Hoy