In the fashion film I have imposed imagery of the designers inspirations to create a psychedelic and futuristic landscape, working alongside friend and producer Sam Harper, to help create the soundscape for the film.

The collection explores the concept of Euphoria; the feeling of intense excitement and happiness, the feeling of being carefree, safe and free of stress. Using the brand’s
minimalistic approach, EUPHORIA combines concepts of futurism with sporty elegance into one collection. A key focus on individualism is maintained throughout the collection,
without societal limitations on how clothes can be worn. Gender fluidity is also explored extensively, and the collection can be effortlessly worn by any gender.

Using colours inspired by the contrast between blue glass sky scrapers and white clouds, this collection utilizes a rich blue, accented with monochrome details to extenuate
feelings of the collection’s namesake, EUPHORIA.

The fashion film was featured on @londonfashionweek, @pittiuomo_official & @boyfriendmagazine

Designer @dhenze_official
Featuring @lukemcintosh_ and @yazeverley
Sound by @samtharperofficial.dj
Styling @martinaghia