I'm a freelance film maker and digital artist based in London creating intimate and experimental responses to the world around us. Mesmerised with movement and taking people on a journey, whether that be my vision or my clients. My unique style of capturing objects, people and nature, up close and personal reveals true detail and beauty, encouraging people to fall into a visionary trance. I use my past experience as a dancer to create visuals that dance effortlessly across the screen simultaneously with the music/sound. I'm an open minded person which transfers into the creations I make, helping with problem solving as well as idea generation. Having an obsession for perfection, every piece I complete is to the highest of standards.

Working within the film, fashion and music industries, I'm skilled in directing, camera operation, editing, photography and styling.

I am inspired by the body, its senses, its movements and capabilities, and our environment. My intention is to make you feel something. 


  • Lattuada Gallery
  • Archive Gallery
  • Truman Brewery
  • DOOMED Gallery

For all enquires please email elizabeth.rose.donovan@gmail.com